Syntactic Bay Leaves is now HTTPS-secured Wed, Feb 14, 2018

Now that Chrome is shaming everyone into using HTTPS and crypto kiddies are man-in-the-middleing you with javascript miners, I decided it's time to convert the ol' blog to HTTPS.

I host this blog as an S3 static site, but S3 doesn't offer HTTPS for their buckets. I could use Cloudfront, but it always felt a little clunky when I worked with it in the past. That said, after doing some after-the-fact research, I found that someone has create some Terraform modules to automate this very thing.

Anyways, I went with Cloudflare since they have a free plan the lets me use their shared TLS certificate, with the added bonus of caching the contents to shave millipennies off of the pennies I pay for S3 hosting.

And now you can peruse this blog without fear. Enjoy.