Tome of Dunwich

Dunwich the pig must eat all the pages of a spell from the Necronomicon in order to prevent the Great Old Ones from awaking from their slumber and devouring the world. Art by Matt Moores.


Your home land has been invaded by tentacle monsters and you must find a way to seal them away forever. Source.

Early prototype using stock art and placeholder shape images

More polished version using hand-painted watercolor art by Matt Moores.

Added day/night cycles using shader lighting.


A Kingdom Divided

Real-time fantasy tactics game, design by Patrick Cabanilla. Source.

Overworld map. Tileset from Open Game Art, character art by me.

Once characters meet in the overworld, zoom into a real-time battle scene, similar to Ancient Art of War.

Crash Blocks

Puzzle Fighter clone. Source.

Nadira Story

In the dusk of the Golden Age of heroes, Nadira has just graduated from The Naturalist Academy and is returning home to investigate the increasingly abundant and aggressive slime population. Source.


An attempt at creating emergent behavior. Source.